Plum Lake SOS is a group of PLA members who live on the lake and have volunteered to assist boaters who run out of gas, hit a sand or rock bar, have engine trouble, or are otherwise stranded on Plum Lake. In case of a health emergency or injury, boaters should call 911.


Name      Home Phone     Cell                 E-mail address                                  Location 

Scott Harrison Chrm. 715-542-2380 913-481-9554            South Central
Jack Hylton 816-510-4751 816-510-4751

West end
Robbie Smart 715-542-2245 816-536-3888

South Central
Scot/Sara Thompson 715-218-8585 715-297-9511   East end
Joe Lakota 715-542-4422 Southeast
Joe/Karen Happ   815-910-5548 Northwest end
John Richter 715-542-2322 East end
Terry Frederiksen 262-993-7006 262-993-7006 East end
Karen Frederiksen 262-993-7024 262-993-7024   East end

Plum Lake Association

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